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Let’s introduce Myself ish!!!

Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, dies nur auf Deutsch zu schreiben, um ein paar zu verwirren, aber in jedem Fall bedeutet das, dass Sie genauso neugierig sind wie ich. Vielleicht ist meins nur ein bisschen höher

Hello, I believe you already know my name by now but if you don't, Well.... i guess we will have to keep it that way.

Oh yea i'm a Softwareentwickler at hotels.ng that enjoys pulling extreme stunts with codes and the codebase <Don't get me wrong i don't crash servers unlike some of my friends do, i'm too honest for that 😉😉/>

I also freelance for some of the coolest techs and when am not freelancing...I might just end up in your city just becasue it's me...Oh yea that's what I do during my spare time!!!!.